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Background Pony #8B07
Place|Name_____|Score__|Butts title_____________|
1 |place | Twilight |(3703) |Twibutt |
2 |place | fluttershy|(3550) |Flutterbutt |
3 |place | Celestia |(3068) |SunButt |
4 |place | Applejack |(3048) |Applebutt |
5 |Place | Rarity |(3013) |Rearity |
6 |Place | Luna: |(2594) |Moonbutt |
7 |Place | Pinkie |(2393) |Balloonbutt |
8 |Place | Cadance |(863) |LoveButt |
9 |Place | Starlight |(703) |Glimmer glutes |
10|Place | Trixie |(685) |The great and powerful ass|


Who will be the next champion betwin those mare?

Note1( this score is for now, who know will surpass the other?)
Note2( is look like Trixie is not so great on this? too bad….for now!)
Note3( If you wonder why i put the Alicorn Princess and the Unicorn Student? well not all like Alicorn Twilight and prefer unicorn twilight Stupid hater ….Sorry, i put it for them*this is my way to show i am not a jeck shit on unicorn because Twilight is now a Alicorn Princess* so What you think of all this?
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Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

1. Place Twibutt
2. Place Flutterbutt
3. Place Sunbutt

I can life with that^^

and before someone else revives the old meme:-P : We’re watching it for the plot
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