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just kiss already
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Background Pony #D7D8
1. pic: Sunset cheers Flash up because she does not want her friend to be sad.
2. pic: Same thing as with Cheerielee and Big Mac in Filli Vanilli. Could mean more, but it is most likely just a joke.
3./4. pic: Sunset blushes because of Sci-Twi being silly. Could have to do with Flash but it does not have to.

Personally I think they and the show are better of with them being friends. I’d like to see more ex-parters trying friendship again and staying there in media.
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@Background Pony #8FF8
i bet you call anyone that thinks like you a hater cause actually trying to see other points of view is too hard. I have never said once that Sunset and Flash are a bad ship cause I know that people do like it and I see why they like it. Timber on ther other hand I can’t see why people like and part of the reason why are people like you that defend him with out giving a reason why I should like the guy. You just say "like this character or else you a hater" and I am I hate timber he has no charm and is one of the worst characters in this show. So think what you want.
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Background Pony #8FF8
There are people who don’t like those things that they don’t want to happen, and that doesn’t happen because it’s fake, that’s what you’re wrong about. The only awful right waist of space is you and the other guy who was bothering and criticizing for something that is not real. You just say it to yourself. timber and sci twi are together like sunset shimmer and flash that’s how I see it
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@Chuy Ryu
There are people that ship it. There were people that wanted it to happen and it looked like it was. But then there were a bunch of people that didn’t like it so if there were plans for it they were scraped and that’s how we get the awful right waist of space that is Timber Spuse. Or at less that’s how I see it. And so to hammer that fact home that these two will never get together they duck taped Sunset on to flash.
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@Pudding Pone
Because it feel like there just shipping flash with Sunset all for the sake of destroying the Sciflash ship. I personally am alright with this ship but only if they unpack the metric ton of baggage these to have with there brake up and the Princess not coming back. Which in all honesty they won’t most likely do.

Also sciflash for life
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@Background Pony #C574
@Background Pony #C574
Dude it’s pretty obviously flash has a crush on her I think there’s a lot more to there relationship.
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