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semi-grimdark (24300)artist:nokrats (23)idw (12788)nightmare rarity (2630)princess luna (87830)alicorn (162579)pony (688075)unicorn (202070)amputee (3414)bad end (1834)blood (19586)cutie mark (33803)defeated (231)duo (39015)female (756932)floppy ears (41198)glowing horn (13520)holding a pony (2174)horn (25834)injured (2742)jewelry (38791)looking at you (120046)mare (333738)missing accessory (6674)moon (18591)narrowed eyes (453)nightmare forces (138)regalia (12163)s1 luna (6408)scar (8515)smiling (182552)smirk (9219)sparking horn (534)wing amputee (14)wingless (2391)


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