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forgot to post this earlier but my buddy @doodle-boy has also been getting me into a pony mood so have one of my fave couples
safe (1425362)artist:mangoshibi (14)fizzlepop berrytwist (5384)tempest shadow (11092)twilight sparkle (259610)alicorn (162578)pony (688069)unicorn (202064)blushing (153412)boop (6180)broken horn (9071)eye scar (3671)eyes closed (67735)female (756918)flying (29743)gray background (4950)horn (25832)lesbian (81633)mare (333731)noseboop (2299)nuzzling (3338)raised hoof (31986)scar (8514)shipping (164013)simple background (289896)smiling (182551)sparkles (3314)surprised (6795)tempestlight (1251)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101530)


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