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forgot to post this earlier but my buddy @doodle-boy has also been getting me into a pony mood so have one of my fave couples
safe1583629 artist:mangoshibi15 fizzlepop berrytwist8854 tempest shadow15746 twilight sparkle283378 alicorn198988 pony854230 unicorn272779 blushing177353 boop6841 broken horn12946 eye scar4480 eyes closed81107 female1179903 flying34679 gray background5946 horn47186 lesbian90507 mare425711 noseboop2571 nuzzling3661 raised hoof39297 scar10453 shipping184173 simple background347983 size difference12341 smiling217498 sparkles3871 surprised8175 tempestlight3461 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115992


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