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I have to say, of the mane 6, Applejack is my least favorite. She feels far less interesting than… literally every other character. The girl is a farmer… and that’s it. There’s nothing more to her. For THIS Applejack, I decided to make her an OUTLAW! Have her be an anti hero for a while! Already, VAST improvement! Now instead of being the only sane mare in the group, she can be the only CRIMINAL in the group! AND SHE HAS A GUN! Okay, story time!

Once their quest to find the Elements of Harmony, Twilight and her friends cross paths with Applejack, a feared outlaw with a weaponized hoof. According to stories, this gun slinging mare has been causing trouble ever since she lost her family in a barn fire. If you cross her, ponies advice you never test her… and never LIE to her. Will this cowgirl be a serious threat… or just the pony Twilight and her friends need?

Alright, only two ponies left…. of the mane 6!
safe (1430564)artist:alannaartroid (14)applejack (148002)cyborg (2631)earth pony (148653)pony (699213)alternate hairstyle (21299)alternate universe (5878)amputee (3437)cowboy hat (10520)female (761224)freckles (20552)green background (1429)grin (28084)gun (12377)hat (64857)mare (335941)prosthetic limb (2038)prosthetics (2374)redesign (976)simple background (291173)smiling (183479)solo (876942)weapon (22867)


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