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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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In the wagon of the wandering magician, you can find a lot of interesting things.

Theatrical props, sparkling stage costumes, lovely souvenirs from distant lands.

Including, an unusual portrait of the hostess perched on the wall of the van, opposite the hammock.

Woven from subtle beams of light, he throws soft and mysterious highlights on the modest decoration around.

Trixie got this thing by sheer chance.

As usual, the pony pulled the van along the touring route. The day was sunny, but windy. Sudden impulses came unexpectedly and unpredictably, as if they wanted to tear themselves away from the road and carry them away with them.

But they cant move the unicorn from the primer, besides being harnessed to the shafts of the van, they did not succeed.

Then, as if out of harm, the wind tore off and blew her hat. Trixie did not have time to properly grab her telekinesis, she flew away and, tumbling, flew into the roadside thicket of blackthorn.

And mare would have to poke into the thorny bushes, scratching the skin, if not for the traveler who had caught up with her, looking like a thin, hornless minotaur dressed in camouflage.

Sympathizing with the unicorn problem, the unknown threw a crossbow and hefty satcle to the side of the road and climbed into the bushes. For a minute, only the crack of branches and the rustling was heard.

Finally, very pleased, the stranger got out with a Trixie hat. He put it on the head of the unicorn and advised not to lose it anymore.

For some time after the pony and the "thin" walked together, brightening up kilometers of conversation and stories. The fellow traveler was pleasant, not only entertaining with conversations, but also helping with road chores.

To make a fire, fix the broken axle of the van or prepare a simple dinner for two — he took an active part in everything.

However, the traveler did not stay with Trixie for long. At one crossway, he politely said goodbye, and set off in the direction opposite the magician.

Trixie got to Phillidelphia without incident, as if a comrade was still there, only invisible and inaudible.

When she got to the city and barely had time to turn the stage around, a post pegasus flew up to her and handed a small parcel.

There was a letter from that fellow traveler and an extraordinary portrait painted by light.
Original art by Bugplayer
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