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Page 964 — Subliminal Serenade

I can't believe how many times now I've written myself into the "I have to actually write a poem or song for Pinkie Pie" corner.

Also, obligatory Octavia.

Pinkie Pie: Wait a minute, I got an idea! A real, actual idea!
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, good. Those are always preferable.
Pinkie Pie: First things first. Are Rarity and the Prince in the ballroom?
DM: Ummm… They might eventually meander through it as they walk and talk.
Pinkie Pie: When that happens, I storm the stage and get on the mic!
DM: The classical band might take an issue with that.
Pinkie Pie: Well, one: I wait for a break in their set. Two: I'm a Bard, silly! Who's gonna stop me from doing what I do best?
DM: A crowd of disgruntled nobleponies?
Pinkie Pie: "Now, ladies and gentlecolts, I'd like to treat you to a special little number – one with no hidden meanings or covert messages whatsoever!!"
Rainbow Dash: Oh no…
safe1635941 artist:newbiespud1370 edit125294 edited screencap60527 screencap213307 beauty brass464 octavia melody23168 parish nandermane180 pinkie pie209560 prince blueblood3961 rainbow dash226217 rarity175631 twilight sparkle291258 earth pony222653 pegasus264513 pony901070 unicorn293617 comic:friendship is dragons1529 the best night ever1296 background pony9757 bipedal32416 bowtie9394 cello2463 clothes434130 comic104498 dialogue61821 dress42090 eyes closed85891 female1302076 flower23825 frown22067 gala dress4433 grin35439 hat81495 hooves17135 horn55267 male350001 mare448122 microphone4729 musical instrument8809 rose3642 screencap comic4380 smiling229401 stallion100184 unamused14964 unicorn twilight15080 whispering245 worried3680


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