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Page 964 — Subliminal Serenade

I can't believe how many times now I've written myself into the "I have to actually write a poem or song for Pinkie Pie" corner.

Also, obligatory Octavia.

Pinkie Pie: Wait a minute, I got an idea! A real, actual idea!
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, good. Those are always preferable.
Pinkie Pie: First things first. Are Rarity and the Prince in the ballroom?
DM: Ummm… They might eventually meander through it as they walk and talk.
Pinkie Pie: When that happens, I storm the stage and get on the mic!
DM: The classical band might take an issue with that.
Pinkie Pie: Well, one: I wait for a break in their set. Two: I'm a Bard, silly! Who's gonna stop me from doing what I do best?
DM: A crowd of disgruntled nobleponies?
Pinkie Pie: "Now, ladies and gentlecolts, I'd like to treat you to a special little number – one with no hidden meanings or covert messages whatsoever!!"
Rainbow Dash: Oh no…
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