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With sweet worlds she tells dark and terrible secrets, ones that stab at the heart.
"Why don’t you have another drink, forget about what you know, another drink, and another. If the wasteland should die, then why not start who made it this way."

What makes a raider, is it fear, mistrust, rage, or is it simply forgetting yourself, and giving into the lonely freedom that is the wasteland. All I know is that as long as there is a wasteland, their will always be raiders, be it from the villeins, heroes, or even myself. No exceptions.
semi-grimdark (24318)artist:dice-warwick (127)oc (524087)oc:quicktrot fragment (6)oc:rook (37)earth pony (147640)pony (694584)unicorn (202454)fallout equestria (13570)armor (18742)battle saddle (280)braided ponytail (168)braided tail (769)gun (12336)pipbuck (2918)possession (316)rifle (2947)shotgun (1184)spiked tail (8)traditional art (96231)weapon (22771)


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