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By popular demand, TRIXIE!

Quite a few folks asked me to redesign Trixie. So, here she is! In all her great and powerful glory! As you maaaaay have noticed, she has a little guitar. I’ve decided, that in a world where magic is common, monsters are abundant, and you can have a gun for an appendage, an amature traveling magician… doesn’t really fit. Instead, I decided to make her a traveling bard. I think she’ll be a lot more fulfilled this way. Alrighty, back story!

If you travel through the lands of Equestria, you might just cross paths with a certain pale blue unicorn. With only her guitar as her companion, Trixie is a traveling bard who is always glad to share a song. She takes great pride in her talents, and clearly has wisdom to spare. Not many ponies know much about her, and even fewer know where she’s traveling too, but nothing is stopping this sassy unicorn.
safe (1461067)artist:alannaartroid (15)trixie (57382)pony (726369)unicorn (216503)alternate hairstyle (21810)alternate universe (6236)bard (228)cape (7931)clothes (366846)eye clipping through hair (2812)fantasy class (1261)female (788141)guitar (3996)hair over one eye (7213)hat (67247)mare (352621)musical instrument (6042)purple background (1895)rock (3495)simple background (299931)solo (895954)


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