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Made to commemorate the ending of /mlp/ hunger games season 1 (and the winner of the championship game)
artist needed (23044)safe (1425185)edit (97621)applejack (147370)autumn blaze (2464)discord (26607)fluttershy (183646)octavia melody (20936)pinkie pie (188538)princess cadance (28050)princess celestia (83418)princess luna (87819)rainbow dash (203346)rarity (157148)starlight glimmer (37817)trixie (55922)twilight sparkle (259577)oc (523414)oc:anon (10561)oc:ponyhidden (108)alicorn (162548)cat (4406)draconequus (6137)earth pony (147277)human (130446)kirin (4792)pegasus (187003)pony (687981)unicorn (201999)between dark and dawn (1101)spoiler:s09e13 (1100)4chan (5498)alcohol (5154)alicornified (3579)andy (toy story) (1)animated (84515)anime (3550)anonymous (653)applejohn (5)autumn blaze's disaster puppet (12)badge (895)baseball bat (828)baseball cap (1475)bottle (2961)bowtie (7242)cap (3005)caption (13603)chinese (2209)clothes (354502)collage (1048)compilation (466)computer (4981)devil (400)door (3115)elements of harmony (2217)female (756793)fire emblem (332)fire emblem: awakening (152)george costanza (81)glass (3351)gloves (14220)grima (2)hair ornament (165)hat (64443)heavy weapons guy (293)hunger games simulator (16)image macro (33063)ishygddt (88)jar (732)jim miller (409)konosuba (30)laptop computer (1786)lei (187)logo (2921)male (256641)megumin (24)/mlp/ (7878)plaid shirt (202)pony cum jar project (25)poster (4328)race swap (10744)rainbow maid (10)rainbow wig (80)reaction image (8756)rubber gloves (102)seinfeld (97)shrug (1158)simple background (289832)sombrero (281)speech bubble (16582)starlicorn (293)suit (4286)text (40368)toy story (239)toy story 3 (9)transparent background (151383)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101515)wait for it (13)weeb (5)wine (1746)wine glass (1023)winner (43)xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2052)

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