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Made to commemorate the ending of /mlp/ hunger games season 1 (and the winner of the championship game)
artist needed25385 safe1583631 edit119341 applejack159603 autumn blaze3408 discord28825 fluttershy199413 octavia melody22565 pinkie pie204114 princess cadance30425 princess celestia89695 princess luna94127 rainbow dash220574 rarity170774 starlight glimmer44512 trixie62781 twilight sparkle283379 oc607181 oc:anon11072 oc:ponyhidden105 alicorn198989 cat5489 draconequus9051 earth pony204898 human144155 kirin6971 pegasus246319 pony854231 unicorn272780 between dark and dawn1524 /mlp/9189 4chan6170 alcohol6138 alicornified4669 andy (toy story)1 animated92757 anime4781 anonymous687 applejohn5 autumn blaze's disaster puppet12 badge1042 baseball bat975 baseball cap1790 bottle3592 bowtie8752 cap3776 caption19082 chinese2629 clothes413574 collage1207 compilation521 computer5653 devil432 door3681 elements of harmony2341 female1179906 fire emblem403 fire emblem: awakening156 george costanza82 glass4093 gloves17551 grima2 hair ornament250 hat77029 heavy weapons guy379 hunger games simulator17 image macro35872 ishygddt92 jar930 jim miller429 konosuba42 laptop computer2075 lei205 lewd container meme105 logo3335 male309149 megumin30 plaid shirt225 poster4914 race swap12700 rainbow maid17 rainbow wig85 reaction image9207 rubber gloves142 seinfeld105 shrug1318 simple background347983 sombrero301 speech bubble20481 starlicorn365 suit5150 text51853 toy story276 toy story 312 transparent background180659 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115993 wait for it16 weeb6 wine2008 wine glass1254 winner58 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2253


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