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You may have heard iamnotacleverpony’s fan music before, most likely "For The New Lunar Republic." Being a big Princess Luna fan back in the day, that song as well as this were some of the first pony videos I watched. I recommend her channel for a nostalgic trip, and I hope this video takes y’all back to the days of being a newfag.

Art featured:

>>33252 by madmax
>>21357 by moongazeponies
>>160363 by akatsuki-xiii
>>645959 by ponygoggles
>>2546 by ponygoggles
safe (1428943)artist:akatsuki-xiii (3)artist:madmax (1626)artist:moongazeponies (256)artist:ponygoggles (153)edit (99107)screencap (174688)princess celestia (83629)princess luna (87994)alicorn (163465)pony (697735)friendship is magic (2091)animated (84747)blue background (3030)blue hair (624)blue mane (481)cloud (28471)cloudy (5826)colored wings (4136)crown (10777)duo (39123)eyes closed (67936)feather (4423)female (759800)filly (50499)flowing mane (541)foal (12392)frown (19591)grass (6880)happy (23844)hoof shoes (2829)horn (26138)jewelry (39036)large wings (1259)looking at someone (133)looking up (11876)mare (335060)moon (18666)mouth hold (13307)multicolored hair (3319)multicolored wings (1731)music (2250)nostalgia (71)peytral (1660)plants (190)ponyloaf (218)prone (20466)purple coat (11)regalia (12300)royal sisters (3233)s1 luna (6416)siblings (3736)simple background (290718)sisters (5979)size difference (10631)sleeping (19224)smiling (183127)solo (875813)spread wings (40962)stars (11417)stuffed toy (185)sweet dreams fuel (545)teddy bear (1044)tucking in (55)video (597)webm (7356)white coat (197)wings (52949)woona (4754)younger (13842)youtube (2038)


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