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Stand Power: Levitates objects (aka, most organic and non-organic things, and potentially people) around the user. The stand can manipulate objects while they are in mid-air, allowing the user to move them in any direction. For example: if someone tried to shoot Scootaloo, Aces High can stop the bullet in mid-air and redirect it at the same speed it was fired. However, the user can only levitate a certain number of objects at a time. The heavier the object, the more concentration is required to maintain control of the levitating object.

Destructive Power: B

Speed: A

Range: C

Persistence: B

Precision: B

Development Potential: C

(There may be more updates to the stand’s capabilities every so often)
safe (1426603)artist:metalamethyst (55)scootaloo (46463)oc (524002)human (130542)aura (611)baseball cap (1475)belly button (59626)cap (3006)clothes (354898)crossover (52943)fingerless gloves (3310)gloves (14242)hat (64559)humanized (87957)jacket (8724)jojo's bizarre adventure (2200)leather jacket (2500)midriff (16237)older (18308)older scootaloo (1175)shoes (24005)shorts (10267)simple background (290162)sneakers (4172)stand (524)tanktop (5865)traditional art (96215)white background (72000)


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