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suggestive (115579)artist:bobthedalek (819)starlight glimmer (38906)sunburst (4934)pony (715317)unicorn (211239)a horse shoe-in (766)spoiler:s09e20 (761)angry (20341)comic (91210)faint (350)female (776941)gasping (61)imminent sex (4314)implied trixie (220)kissing (20390)male (263741)messy mane (5946)offscreen character (24833)shipping (166966)starburst (867)starlight's office (226)straight (111026)this will end in snu snu (280)this will end well (28)


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Background Pony #C8A
Hey, I just realized that this is the first time that Bob has drawn Starlight and Sunburst kissing!
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Background Pony #928B
The Head mare and Vice head mare need to do some document working together…..just the both of them. In the counselor office.
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hironakamura's avatar

The implications of Sunburst moving to Ponyville has some interesting details. He can’t bring his crystal house with him so I guess he moves in the friendship castle with Starlight who is inheriting said castle as Twilight’s moving to Canterlot.
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Comments27 comments posted