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Description from the source:

This was a commissioned work by gino456 (nice guy by the way, please check him out) it was commissioned for me going to this years Joe Con (the GI Joe collectors convention)

its a crossover picture with Ponies and Gi-Joe
there are 2 version of this picture, I put up one, gino456 put the other, for the other here is a link, [link]

here are the ponies in order from left to right:
Rarity – The Baroness
Pinkie Pie – Chuckles
Applejack – Flint
Twilight – General Hawk
Fluttershy – Jinx
Rainbow Dash – Firefly
Spike – Cobra Commander

Applebloom – Cobra Trooper
Sweetie Belle – Cobra Viper
Scootaloo – Crimson Guard
Caramel – Storm Shadow
Fancy Pants – Destro
Zecora – Roadblock
Big Macintosh – Snake eyes
Written Script – Zartan

For choice explanations here you go-
-Rarity was perfect for the Baroness, just the way she talks says to me ’all she needs is an eastern european accent and wearing her glasses more and she would be the Baroness’.

-Pinkie Pie was a little harder to find a Joe for her, then I remembered Chuckles, a GI Joe spy, who likes to joke around, perfect!.

-For Applejack, Flint was the #1 choice. Flint is a very skilled officer, in a leadership position in GI Joe, also he wares a hat, also the reason i didn’t go with Wild Bill was because he is a pilot, and Applejack is an earth pony, not a pegasus.

-Twilight was also easy to pick, General Hawk is the leader of Joe Team (the position has been take up before by other Joes when Hawk was out of commission, or by demotion, but he always comes back as leader) and since Twilight is the force that binds her friends together and is a leader in her own right in the show, it only seemed logical.

-Fluttershy as Jinx because, of how physically strong she is, but how frail she looks, making this crossover work.

-Rainbow Dash as firefly from GI Joe is mostly a joke I like to point out because FIM’s Rainbow Dash is based of the personality G1 Firefly from the original My little pony, and since then, Hasbro has lost the rights to Firefly the pony, but not the one from GI Joe.

-Spike as Cobra Commander needs a little more explanation. We need to go the G1 my little pony’s Spike. G1 Spike was voiced by Charlie Adler, who is known for many great roles, but in 2009 Adler voiced Cobra Commander in ’GI Joe: Resolute’, do to the popularity of his performance he has become the new voice of Cobra Commander, but he was Spike before Cobra Commander.

-the Cutie Mark Crusaders as nameless soldiers of Cobra made sense to me since they haven’t received their cutie marks, my 3 soldier picks were chosen because of the basic nature of them (Cobra trooper as the backbone, Cobra viper a more combat skilled, and Crimson Guard elite trooper)

-I choice Storm Shadow for Caramel because, he is my favorite character from the GI Joe universe, so, there you go.
-For Fancy Pants there was one character I could think of, Destro, arms dealer, member of Cobra, and member of the Scottish elite.

-Zecora as Roadblock, I choice this because they both talk in rhyme, thats it really.

-Big Macintosh was chosen as Snake eyes because of 2 things, first, for not talking that much, and secondly because I was tired of the ’Big Mac is the Heavy’ motif.

-For Written I choice Zartan because almost anyone could be Zartan, and since Written is a favorite of me and D3, I needed him in here.

I hope you guys enjoy this, and thank you for reading.
my little pony and GI Joe are owned by Hasbro
Art by gino456
I own nothing in this picture, thank you
safe (1428569)artist:gino456 (4)apple bloom (43604)applejack (147754)big macintosh (25223)caramel (2225)fancypants (1631)fluttershy (184072)pinkie pie (188978)rainbow dash (203845)rarity (157569)scootaloo (46504)spike (68502)sweetie belle (43808)twilight sparkle (260348)written script (240)zecora (7956)anthro (200520)cobra (102)unguligrade anthro (37354)assault rifle (596)baroness (11)blindfold (3507)bomb (504)chuckles (1)clothes (355491)cobra commander (82)cobra trooper (3)cobra viper (1)commission (40587)crimson guard (3)crossover (52977)cutie mark crusaders (16241)destro (7)firefly (gi joe) (2)flint (5)general hawk (2)g.i. joe (239)gun (12353)helmet (8060)jinx (gi joe) (1)line-up (894)machine gun (405)mane six (26444)mask (4403)rifle (2950)roadblock (14)shotgun (1184)simple background (290625)snake eyes (123)storm shadow (25)sword (9433)uniform (7647)uzi (39)weapon (22805)white background (72109)zartan (2)


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