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there are diolouge you cant see in the pictrue but i'll give it to you in the description here
Twilight: Ladies and Gentleponies. Princess Dash.
Dusk: And… Prince Blitz.
safe1636770 artist:kayman13211 edit125429 edited screencap60618 screencap213484 apple bloom47962 applejack164339 candy apples222 carrot top5283 dark moon222 discord29707 fine line208 flitter2954 fluttershy205373 golden harvest5283 graphite221 lily1902 lily valley1900 linky1469 lotus blossom2674 lyra heartstrings28693 lyrica lilac270 maud pie12139 maxie208 mr. waddle231 north star293 orion247 perfect pace293 perry pierce68 pish posh49 princess celestia92199 princess luna96417 rainbow dash226284 rarity175711 scootaloo50103 sealed scroll97 shoeshine1584 shooting star (character)247 silver frames58 silver script106 spike76561 spring melody1102 sprinkle medley1102 sunshower raindrops2307 swan song71 sweetie belle47746 tree hugger2690 twilight sparkle291378 alicorn210434 pony901772 comic:the date5 apple family member2652 background pony9768 clothes434504 comic104536 cutie mark crusaders18557 dashie antoinette29 dialogue61934 dress42113 dusk shine2301 elusive1175 female1302748 male350224 mare antoinette32 rainbow blitz2340 rainbow blitz always dresses in style22 rainbow dash always dresses in style1584 rule 6325810 shrek294 shrek the third13 speech bubble21652 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119787


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