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Fizzle hurt herself again…
safe (1426398)artist:fizzlesoda2000 (40)fizzlepop berrytwist (5392)tempest shadow (11104)twilight sparkle (259884)alicorn (162878)anthro (200281)unguligrade anthro (37301)unicorn (202341)abs (7513)bandage (4403)bench (1845)blushing (153508)broken horn (9076)clothes (354846)female (757992)horn (25898)implied lesbian (2525)implied shipping (3554)implied tempestlight (74)lesbian (81658)lidded eyes (18589)muscles (8084)shipping (164088)simple background (290111)sports bra (1825)sports shorts (554)sweater (11517)tail wrap (5048)tempestlight (1254)temple shadow (66)tongue out (75602)workout outfit (517)


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