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Well, its a little story here.

One day, a changeling patrol seized a strange creature that held its way through the Wasteland. When he was taken to the hive for interrogation, it recommended itself as a “Wandering Artist,” which greatly amused the Queen.
Queen Chrysalis said that if "The Wandering Artist" can paint her portrait and surprise her, she will be free.

"Wandering artist" agreed. He only asked permission to photograph the queen and three days to work.

All the time allotted to him, the creator sat in one of the cells. Squealing buzzing came from behind the membrane, accompanied by a strange smell of caustic burning. Also, the sound of a hammer on a tree and muffled swearing shook the air. Finally, the cell fell into silence, only the resinous scent of rosin spreading along the hive.

Finally, the master bowed to Queen Chrysalis. He managed to surprise and even please the queen.

Performed without a drop of magic, the portrait was literally painted with beams of light. Satisfied Chrysalis kept her word, letting go of the strange master.

Filling the jars and taking his crossbow, he went somewhere in the direction of the land of the pony. And his fate for the changings has since been unknown.

However, the portrait is intact to this day. It can be seen in one of the hives art galleries, open to visitors.

Original art by Lpnginius: https://www.deviantart.com/longinius-ii/art/Changeling-Queen-450733346

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