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Mare raised two wineglasses and smiled.
"So, let’s drink for the inspiration, my dearest Creator!"

Original art by Longinius:

Gift for this gorgerous artist. Soon, will sended for him.
suggestive (112784)artist:irfp250n (35)artist:longinius (515)oc (523415)oc only (363072)oc:silk lace (9)alcohol (5154)blushing (153385)clothes (354504)collar (24503)craft (3523)engraving (185)female (756800)gift giving (84)lace (586)led (112)lingerie (8383)looking at you (120016)magic (57254)mare (333673)panties (41450)smiling (182523)socks (48981)solo (873702)telekinesis (20592)thigh highs (23431)underwear (49523)wine (1746)wineglass (8)


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