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So I watched the season finale. I won’t give any spoilers, but I will say this:

It was pretty epic, and you WILL cry.


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@Flaming Frets
Well, I personally would have preferred to put it off, so that it wouldn’t be over so soon, but I absolutely despise spoilers popping up on my facebook or youtube, or wherever. I actually had the final scene spoiled for me before I got the chance to see it for myself, which darn near ruined the whole finale for me.
I was staying off social media as much as possible after that, and the internet in general. But I didn’t want to stay offline until the official air date, and the episode became available on my source for mlp, so I went ahead and watched it.
It was actually sitting on my computer for over a week, because I was trying to spread out the episodes so it wouldn’t be over so soon.
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