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Original artwork by Tess-27 on Derpibooru:

Testing AeridicCore’s new V6 models with some meme faces. The new flexes work really well in that regard.

Rendered at 4K @ 256 DoF samples
16 lights used in this scene

Models used:
– Rarity: WIP V6 models by AeridicCore
– Knives from CS:S
semi-grimdark (25199)artist:imafutureguitarhero (262)artist:tess (801)rarity (159527)pony (715670)unicorn (211364)3d (52570)4k resolution (33)black background (3689)chromatic aberration (1256)colored eyebrows (130)colored eyelashes (223)counter-strike (114)dialogue (51606)eye scream (259)eyeshadow (10765)female (777188)film grain (173)frown (19869)glare (7657)high res (17557)horn (27792)immortal (26)immortality is awesome (25)invincible (9)knife (4234)makeup (14482)mare (345983)no fucks (224)open mouth (106377)recursive fanart (31)signature (15150)simple background (295985)solo (888176)source filmmaker (31432)stabbed (29)text (41675)unamused (11546)vulgar (18154)weapon (23407)


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