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Original artwork by Tess-27 on Derpibooru:

Testing AeridicCore's new V6 models with some meme faces. The new flexes work really well in that regard.

Rendered at 4K @ 256 DoF samples
16 lights used in this scene

Models used:
- Rarity: WIP V6 models by AeridicCore
- Knives from CS:S
semi-grimdark28249 artist:imafutureguitarhero283 artist:tess805 rarity173541 pony881178 unicorn284385 3d67571 4k resolution51 black background4891 bloodless7 chromatic aberration1385 colored eyebrows173 colored eyelashes341 counter-strike121 dialogue60853 eye scream274 eyeshadow14009 female1284032 film grain193 frown21815 glare8052 high res23288 horn51682 immortal28 immortality73 immortality is awesome31 invincible13 knife4969 makeup19062 mare438662 no fucks232 open mouth129525 rarity is a marshmallow377 rarity is not amused330 recursive fanart27 signature20706 simple background360297 solo1001649 source filmmaker41025 stabbed42 text53449 unamused14601 vulgar19625 weapon28375


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