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Colour Me!  

Chicken seems like a fitting nickname for a grown-up Scootaloo in the Wonderbolt Academy!
I decided to turn all of my Inktober drawings from 2018 into free-to-use line art/colouring pages for others to print and colour, or colour digitally. They are MS Paint-friendly. I’m afraid there are only 10 drawings from Inktober, but I am happy to do more in future.
Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more of these!
Feel free to use these as you wish, but please be considerate of my terms of use below. Thank you!

Terms of Use   Please do not sell, or redistribute the artwork as your own      If you upload a coloured piece using this line art, please credit me in the description       Please do not remove my watermark (unless I give permission to do so)      If you have any questions, or aren’t sure about how you can use this line art, that isn’t specified above, please do ask :^_^:   
I would love to see your coloured drawing and I could even feature your finished drawing below!

Examples- Coming soon! –

More Line Art


Inktober 2018 – Official Prompt List
Inktober Official Website
safe (1424867)artist:shemalioness (16)artist:shema-the-lioness (22)scootaloo (46433)pegasus (186900)pony (687756)black and white (9651)clothes (354431)color me (203)cutie mark (33776)female (756557)goggles (11689)grayscale (31199)inktober (1286)lineart (14222)mare (333501)monochrome (134271)older (18190)older scootaloo (1172)simple background (289758)smiling (182454)smirk (9213)uniform (7618)white background (71890)wonderbolt trainee uniform (1034)


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