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Lunar Glow’s entourage, a pair of her own guards. Shiny will chase them away in a minute, but their fur is soft like cashmere and he’s not made of stone :D
safe (1426667)artist:badumsquish (1720)derpibooru exclusive (20258)shining armor (20062)oc (524022)oc:flit (1)oc:minia (1)moth (292)mothpony (837)original species (18281)pony (694525)unicorn (202423)series:equestria and the world (11)antennae (350)armor (18740)blushing (153522)boots (16011)canterlot (3956)canterlot castle (1248)carpet (620)cheek fluff (3129)cheek rub (19)chest fluff (25664)cinnabar moth (1)curly mane (172)embarrassed (8788)eyes on the prize (4253)female (758169)flag (3015)flirting (1149)flirty (198)fluffy (11481)fluffy mane (121)grin (27962)hübner's wasp moth (1)leaning (2736)lidded eyes (18604)looking at you (120169)male (257231)moon (18625)nuzzling (3338)palace (79)raised hoof (32010)royal guard (6443)royal guard armor (487)shining armor gets all the mares (255)shoes (24008)show accurate (7738)smiling (182769)spread wings (40888)squishy cheeks (1776)symbol (302)transparent wings (146)unshorn fetlocks (18585)wings (52744)

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