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Full Service Playing Cards Series 4: Cozy Glow!

“Golly! That sure is a big ol’ bulge in your pants, mister! I sure hope your wife is okay with you gettin’ hard for ponies that aren’t her! Especially BAD GIRLS like me!”

Part of "Full Service Playing Cards Series 4" which is currently in production! Want your own deck of physical cards with 54 unique images by 12 different artists? Stay tuned to my journals to find out how to get your hands on some!

And on Cozy Glow in the process.

All characters depicted in Full Service Playing Cards are of legal age!

That’s the only legal thing Cozy Glow’s got going for her though.
suggestive (112795)artist:lil miss jay (2320)cozy glow (4074)anthro (200124)pegasus (187039)unguligrade anthro (37270)full service playing cards (241)bra (12283)breasts (202726)busty cozy glow (14)clothes (354560)collar (24504)cutie mark (33803)dagger (398)evening gloves (6693)female (756932)floating wings (751)frills (49)gloves (14224)gun (12316)lipstick (8058)long gloves (3429)older (18229)older cozy glow (93)open mouth (103818)panties (41457)solo (873800)solo female (154624)stupid sexy cozy glow (17)underwear (49527)weapon (22740)wings (52648)


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Lil Miss Jay
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Butt Zebra

52 cards, 2 jokers, a fully functional bicycle deck. :)

There’s actually been 4 printed decks so far! Series 1, 2, 3, and a remake of 1 (I redrew all 54 images).
This is from Series 4, currently in production, about to be crowdfunded. :)

(And yes they’ll be at Trotcon!)
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Background Pony #DF82
Ah, come on dude. It’s golly.
For all we know she may be setting up the guy.
If you don’t believe me, check the lots of Tirek x Glow images.
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