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I had the idea in my head for so long and just had to find someone to make it happen.
CDV was just that person.
suggestive130759 artist:cdv349 oc616014 oc:rory kenneigh379 pegasus251706 anthro236179 3d66389 animated93403 austin powers87 clothes419272 cosplay26876 costume25183 facial hair5154 goatee1307 gray background6084 grin33931 lidded eyes27653 male338149 open clothes2496 open mouth127325 open shirt1163 pegasus oc6172 shirt22007 simple background354047 smiling220876 smirk11324 solo991494 solo male24382 sound7500 source filmmaker40280 suit5243 talking4739 voice actor632 vulgar19467 webm11081 wings84020


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