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Full Service Playing Cards Series 4: Rarity!

Also Known As: Best Fucking Pony.

“Darling, it’s not the shorts or the entire ensemble that make my rump look fat, that’s never the case. The truth is, I’ve got a big, round, voluptuous posterior, and I make a point of wearing outfits that do nothing to mask that. On the contrary, I aim to draw attention TO my glorious, perfect, award-winning ASS.”

It HAS won awards.

Like the “Find Something Applejack Likes Eating More Than Apples” award.
suggestive (113232)artist:lil miss jay (2328)rarity (157787)anthro (200882)unguligrade anthro (37400)unicorn (203797)full service playing cards (243)alternate hairstyle (21298)ass (35949)bedroom eyes (44415)big breasts (56518)blushing (153985)bracelet (6684)breasts (203939)busty rarity (9437)butt (9607)clothes (356093)cutie mark (33953)eyeshadow (10498)female (761134)jewelry (39176)large ass (9887)lipstick (8106)makeup (14107)panties (41575)punk (1732)purple underwear (1755)raripunk (981)rearity (3089)shorts (10290)short tail (641)smiling (183450)solo (876865)solo female (154949)tail wrap (5059)the ass was fat (11045)thong (4783)underwear (49674)


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