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safe (1427214)artist:amazin-a (367)spike (68372)oc (524266)oc:rugby chase (2)oc:sling shot (3)abuse (5494)armpits (35482)beaten up (185)bite mark (329)blank flank (6213)bruised (1212)bully (354)claws (3854)colts (16)commission (40523)delinquents (1)feet (29496)foal (12380)hat (64598)hoofbump (946)male (257339)male feet (664)mohawk (569)spikeabuse (616)twitching (129)unconscious (354)underfoot (286)


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Happy Derpy!
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Ugh, this artist is so good, and their subject matter is so awful…if only they would use Spike’s feet for good instead of evil.
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@Background Pony #E1EA
Exactly. Spike is just humoring these poor jerks and letting them have their moment.

Still, they’d both better hope Rarity and Gabby…and Twilight…the Dragon and Changeling rulers…heck, anyone who knows Spike didn’t see this happen.
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Background Pony #E1EA
wow, you really hate Spike, don’t you?

And what about his fire breath that’s hot enough to melt bronze, teeth that can break diamonds, and claws on arms that can dig through solid rock? Assuming dragon scales are weaker than alligator/crocodile scales, surely he would at least flail about in self defense?