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Zombie pony OC commission

Paid request for me to craft a customer’s original character design as a custom pony figure. Pony base is a 3 inch generation 4 Pinkie Pie that I boiled and cut a gaping hole in its leg and some knicks in the ears. Coated entire base in white gesso to give the acrylic paint work a texture to bond to, then did a full body repaint job in English navy blue acrylics. I then got out a glue gun, and squirted some melty glue on the pony’s nose for the rainbow zombie nose bleed. This zombie also have rainbow innards and bleeds rainbow. I then proceeded to use a full stick of hot glue to make a pile on the hoof. So its nose is dripping uncontrollably lmao and it attempted to catch it…
Eyes are painted in browns like from the reference sheet, it has lighter blue gashes painted throughout the body, some black stitched, rainbow innards in its leg with a painted white exposed bone (made from a piece of wooden dowel), umbrella cutiemarks on both sides, a rose tattoo on its neck, white leather fangs and a gray piercing on its mouth. All paint work is sealed with Testors spray sealer.

Mane and tail are rooted in katsilk black/brown blend from Restoredollhair.
Shirt is handsewn from black fabric, with a white emblem painted on both sleeves. Front of shirt is a piece of black mesh so you can still see that rose I painted underneath it.

AS A SURPRISE GIFT TO THE CUSTOMER, I couldn’t resist attempting to make the cute Sonic plush doll that was on their ref sheet. So they got a free bead/wire sculpt doll! Basically I wired various beads together, painted them, sprayed the paint work with Testors spray sealer, then made the ears and head tufts from cerulean blue leather scraps. White bias tape glued around the tops of the red shoes. It props nicely atop the pony’s head like in the ref sheet!

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