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Doctor Whooves teaches the students the magic of science
safe1616216 screencap210892 doctor whooves10413 fire flicker111 fluttershy203052 midnight snack (character)149 sandbar5045 starlight glimmer45658 summer meadow154 time turner10409 bird7374 butterfly6576 earth pony216126 pegasus257482 pony884009 unicorn285453 a horse shoe-in1284 balloon9751 bird house183 bird nest111 book31520 bookshelf3267 bunsen burner24 chalkboard2659 chick160 classroom1525 clipboard1126 clothes426224 coiling242 electric fan44 erlenmeyer flask200 eyedropper6 female1286534 flower23461 fluttershy's classroom1 friendship student1533 glowing horn17722 goggles13374 horn52162 lab coat2084 levitation11148 magic68466 magic aura3339 male343987 mare439661 nest468 pillow16402 pinwheel (toy)17 pliers32 potted plant469 rube goldberg machine15 rug594 safety goggles334 science1197 scissors1042 setup8 shelf478 stallion97878 table8531 teenager4436 telekinesis25647 tongs31 weight97


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
Did see Starlight's massive shock when he mentioned what he was an expert in time travel? The second best part of the episode, second only to the epic awesomeness that Doctor Whooves is a time traveler.
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