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Tina cut out and laminated this drawing to wear as her badge at Bronycon :)

It’s her OC ponysona Mocha Sprout. This is how Tina described her:

-A good pone
-Willing to listen to a pone’s problems over a cup of coffee or tea
-Likes to collect books (keeps them at her coffee shop)
-Likes plants, clean lines, and modern wood decor (shop decor)
-Will compete to get the best coffee beans and tea leaves.
-Loves her coffee making equipment
-Has a caique birb named "Squeakers"
-On off days, she likes to take a book and Squeakers outside, preferably by a lake.
-Often visits bookstores.
-Doesn’t like disorder(?), can’t deal with chaos.
-Collaborates with the Cake family to showcase and sell their pastries in her shop.
safe (1426674)artist:taytinabelle (37)oc (524023)oc:mocha sprout (7)oc only (363302)pony (694528)unicorn (202426)apron (3220)badge (895)blue eyes (2929)braid (3941)braided tail (769)clothes (354924)colored (15285)con badge (234)copic (60)cute (148089)female (758174)happy (23793)magic (57368)mare (334163)marker drawing (532)miniskirt (3784)moe (1157)name (294)pleated skirt (3398)ruffles (66)skirt (31483)smiling (182771)socks (49021)telekinesis (20658)thigh highs (23455)traditional art (96220)uniform (7636)


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