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one of the cutest commissions I’ve had this year! A summer wedding dress too i don’t get many Anthro comms so this is a lovely treat
character belongs to Nittany-Tiger !!


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suggestive (113263)artist:cadetredshirt (227)oc (526025)oc:cold front (405)oc only (364598)anthro (200935)pegasus (188555)plantigrade anthro (22333)anthro oc (25255)big hair (243)bow (19442)breasts (204040)chair (4960)clothes (356236)dress (35084)ear fluff (17873)female (761558)hair bow (10422)happy (23900)high heels (8117)lace (591)long mane (2487)long tail (1643)looking at camera (112)looking at you (120717)mare (336167)rule 63 (22754)shoes (24127)sitting (46198)smiling (183547)socks (49199)solo (877153)solo female (154986)stockings (25394)tail (14807)thigh highs (23546)veil (669)wedding dress (1355)wings (53268)


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