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suggestive (112892)artist:gagpal3 (40)cloudy quartz (1058)cookie crumbles (763)pear butter (2010)posey shy (839)twilight velvet (3407)windy whistles (1594)anthro (200282)earth pony (147620)pegasus (187349)unicorn (202423)arms behind back (3704)barefoot (21554)blushing (153518)bondage (26631)bra (12294)breasts (203109)clothes (354916)cloth gag (1180)crop top bra (815)ear piercing (16846)earring (14317)feet (29483)female (758159)females only (9188)femsub (6355)fetish (29533)foot fetish (5647)gag (11674)glasses (46898)jewelry (38865)mom six (76)necklace (12231)orange underwear (159)panties (41486)piercing (28260)pink underwear (3391)purple underwear (1752)raised eyebrow (5368)red underwear (1060)rope (8947)rope bondage (2530)stocks (866)submissive (9926)unamused (11272)underwear (49562)white underwear (2842)yellow underwear (483)


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vacant expression
Buttercup is worried and concerned because she’s new. Meanwhile Twilight Velvet and Cloudy Quartz have been getting this treatment since 2011.
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