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Page 1036 — Neigh-Nothing Party, Part 2

I'm almost certain someone shared a tabletop proposal story here on FiD sometime in the past, but I'm not 100% on that. Either way, I'd be more surprised if they weren't a thing among couples that are both into the hobby.

Shining Armor: Guys, I've made up my mind.
Poindexter: To reconnect with your sister? That's good; like it or not, those unresolved conflicts can end up defining how you live your life, so–
Shining Armor: No, not THAT… I'm gonna propose to my girl-friend… in-character and IRL.
Gaffer: At the same time? Oh boy…
Shining Armor: And I'm gonna invite my sister's character to our PCs' wedding.
Poindexter: Isn't her group ALL girls? Or almost all girls? What are the odds?
Gaffer: Your paladin can't even go to a general store without blowing half of it up. Please tell me you've got a little bit more of a plan than that. Because otherwise I see this going sideways for everyone involved.
Shining Armor: We'll have a royal wedding, an epic boss fight…
8-bit: And this solves your family problems… how? Or have you only figured out the fantasy parts?
Shining Armor: …Then we'll become rulers of our own empire. Soothsayers will foretell prophecies about our kids…
Poindexter and Gaffer and 8-bit: (Collective Sigh.)
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