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Page 1038 – Seeking Pandora

The Return of Harmony, Part 1!

In which we meet a new character and get a sense of how this thing is going to go down.

Discord: A guest DM?
DM: Well, more like a co-DM… slash competitive antagonistic DM.
Discord: I like it, I like it! But I must ask: Why do you feel the need to bring ME in? The Elusive plotline paid off without a hitch. You’ve proven you can roll with this party’s punches. Why not do that again?
DM: <sigh> Well… I wouldn’t say I’m "bitter," per se, that the original Nightmare Moon campaign was utterly derailed… However… And maybe it’s petty of me, but… I want to introduce a threat to the party and really make it stick, really give them a challenge worthy of an entire campaign’s effort. The Thieves Guild rose up from the background and more harassed the party than anything. I want a villain again.
Discord: And, what, you’re worried you might be too much of a pushover to deliver?
DM: More like… I’m not sure my DM toolkit has all the right elements. With this party, evil isn’t enough. I need cunning, deviousness… ruthlessness.
Discord: Well then, my old friend… You’ve come to the right place.
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