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The first time I saw this, I literally had that surprised expression upon my face as I grinned widely knowing that Rainbow Dash blushes at the same time Sunset grins widely as it looked like she liked it. 😝😁
safe (1427187)screencap (174284)rainbow dash (203638)equestria girls (159413)equestria girls series (23741)sunset's backstage pass! (867)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8378)cap (3006)clothes (355047)cropped (34840)female (758445)guitar (3878)hat (64598)jacket (8730)musical instrument (5824)outdoors (5730)paddle (623)ponytail (13140)rainbow dash's paddle (22)shorts (10269)shrunken pupils (1797)solo (874780)

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