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safe1613653 edit122903 edited screencap59178 screencap210556 rainbow dash223830 scootaloo49558 pegasus256587 pony881287 the last crusade813 abuse6570 background pony strikes again1223 clubhouse726 cruel92 crusaders clubhouse687 downvote bait993 duo52664 female1284156 filly61475 mare438716 mouthpiece1225 op is a duck4222 op is trying to start shit2750 out of character840 rainbow douche283 sad23134 scootabuse619 teary eyes3592


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Background Pony #6771
Well what can you expect from her, Dash? She idolizes you and tries to emulate your apparent greatness in everything she does, and you're the worst pony ever, so of course she's gonna be fucking terrible too.