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(Applejack and Swarmdra meet each other, after getting along. After a nice afternoon, Applejack gifts her a little bag with some seeds from other plants)

Swarmdra: Huh, What’s this?

Applejack: Well, They’re seeds! I give ’em to you to beging your own personal harvest, but instead of planting them on vases, why don’t you use them on something you think you don’t need?

Swarmdra: Something like what?

Applejack: I dunno, you can use everything; cans, plastic bottles, empty jars, yogurt containers….

Swarmdra: That’s right! Yogurt Containers! every morning on breakfast I eat one yogurt with cereal, milk, and an apple

Applejack: Well, Take some advantage and use ’em for your seeds, I’m sure sugar they’ll be find some utility on them

Swarmdra: I’ll do it Applejack, I’ll trust they’ll make better plant vases, Instead of trashing them. Goodbye, Applejack! and Thank you

Applejack: See ya later, Sugarcube. I’ll go visit ya in some next weeks, to see how’s your progress goin’


(Applejack comes to Swarmdra’s to visit her)

Swarmdra: Applejack! how nice to see you! look my seed have grown. What do you think? are the seeds you gave me getting fine? Bill even helped me by letting his earthworms feeding the soil

(Applejack watches closely each one of Swarmdra’s containers, and eventually gives her final evaluation)

Applejack: Well, Howdy-doo! the seeds variety’s growing nicely, Sugarcube. Not only apples will grow, even beans, lychees, avocadoes, oranges, Boy howdy! You do made a nice job Swarmdra, See how these yogurt containers are for something useful? Now you do!

Swarmdra: Thank you, Aplejack. You’re right, It’s really nice and interesting to discover the usage of somethings we thought they’re trash

Applejack: That’s right. Oh, and Rarity sends you this from Carrousel Boutique, they’re dresses she no longer wears, she decided to give them to you. Y’know, since you’re nice friends… And big Mac wants to give you this box for anything you like

Swarmdra: Thanks again. I’ll find any use for them


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