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safe (1430564)artist:dirt-slayer (7)spike (68633)starlight glimmer (38151)trixie (56121)twilight sparkle (260807)anthro (200896)female (761225)implied group sex (9)lesbian (81987)male (258407)monochrome (134558)shipping (164677)sketch (53291)sparlight (489)spixie (196)startrix (2191)straight (109614)twispike (1497)twistarlight (471)twixie (4460)


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Background Pony #4D03
Trixie: Okay so Trixie will get first dibs, then seconds, then thirds, then fourt-

Starlight: So when will it be my turn?

Twilight: and what about my turn?

Spike: We’re siblings Twilight.

Twilight: You’re adopted and hot.