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I do!
suggestive173392 artist:tomtornados522 fluttershy238587 equestria girls234342 ass69981 bottomless15723 breasts344294 butt180222 clothes560741 dialogue80557 female1606633 flutterbutt6851 looking at you217854 mooning432 nudity453467 partial nudity25537 solo1271238 solo female207999 the ass was fat18652 wrong eye color1209


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Background Pony #2FD0
Fluttershy:“do you think my butt is hot?”  
Fluttershy:Pulls Panties down  
Me:“Nice butt flutters”  
Fluttershy :“want to Spank it?”  
Me:“Oh yeah “  
Fluttershy:“Start “  
Me:**Starts Spanking **  
Fluttershy:“Oh My “  
Me:Smack Smack SMACK  
Fluttershy:keep going  
Me:Continues to Spank  
Fluttershy:“Oh yeah Keep going “  
Me:**smack Smack SMACK **  
Fluttershy:“Don’t stop “  
Me:**Continues to Spank **  
Fluttershy:“Oh yes!”  
Smack Smack SMACK *  
Fluttershy *Yes!,Yes!,Yes!.”  
Me:Continues to Spank
Fluttershy:“Wow this is Amazing!”  
Me:**Smack Smack SMACK **  
Me:**Keeps on Spanking **  
Fluttershy:“You Can Stop now”  
Me:**stops Spanking **  
Fluttershy:“that was awesome”  
Me:“me too”  
Me:“gotta go  
Fluttershy:“ok bye”  
The end.
Background Pony #0F66
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