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I’m rewatching the series and ive got some crack ships (woohoo) Okay I’m gonna ramble a bit here so buckle up


Queen Chrysalis needs love to survive. Princess Cadence can provide a near infinite supply of gooey delicious love magic. I can’t be the only one seeing the shipping possibilities, guys. Guys.

AU Idea: The empire reappears before Shining and Cadence have a chance to meet. Chrysalis shows up and threatens the Crystal Empire, but Cadence devises a treaty. She provides the Changelings with a steady supply of love, and Chrysalis provides protection from Sombra’s magic while the heart is recovered. Also there’s a steady supply of hammy villainous musical numbers/angst/evil laughter/whatever changelings are good at(espionage?). Her and Cadence are forced to spend time with each other. Cadence falls in love with Chrysalis and her dedication to her hive. Chrysalis sees that Cadence’s love is true and allows herself to fall for her. They have horrific romantic tension, become BFFs, and then she and Cadence live happily ever after.

Twilight is there too for some reason. Idk

Also their declaration of love overcharges the heart and fucking eliminates Sombra

Spike has something to do with it too and he still gets to be hero don’t worry
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I can’t be the only one seeing the shipping possibilities, guys. Guys.

You have not and are not. I have written several treatises on this particular topic.