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safe (1428924)artist:virtualkidavenue (14)oc (525026)oc:harmony (heilos) (87)oc only (364133)original species (18347)pony (697727)baseball cap (1476)bust (31287)cap (3009)clothes (355607)female (759786)glowing horn (13602)hat (64724)horn (26138)how do you do fellow kids (31)lidded eyes (18681)magic (57493)mare (335054)open mouth (104170)ponified meme (331)shirt (17177)skateboard (543)sketch (53234)solo (875806)speech (2460)speech bubble (16664)telekinesis (20705)


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Background Pony #DE7B
This meme is so cringy yet still hilarious. Some older ppl try to fit in with younger crowds and fail horrendously at it by trying too hard (referring to origin of meme)
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