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skypie au?

>the yaks are the first to be attacked by the storm king so the hippogriffs are the ones who visit Ponyville

>Skystar and Pinkie have their own little version of one small thing, Pink is already in deep and convinces Sky to let her come back to Mt. Aris

>Lovey dovey romantic hijinks ensue

>Skystar is about to tell pinkie about the Pearl and the transformation magic hippogriffs have, a very well kept secret

>She wants it to be a surprise so she tells Pinkie to wait on the shore as she gets ready to show herself as a Seapony

>It is now, at this moment that the SK’s army attacks. They are kidnapped for their magic, those who manage to escape are trapped underwater

>Pinkie stays and waits.
safe1579106 artist:virtualkidavenue144 edit118001 pinkie pie203584 princess skystar1792 earth pony200194 hippogriff8341 pony848410 my little pony: the movie17917 alternate universe9333 comic101736 crying40240 cutie mark40866 female902106 floppy ears46722 heart43264 lesbian92339 lyrics1000 mare416932 mare in the moon1615 moon21086 shipping184419 simple background346745 sitting55205 sketch59008 skypie161 smiling215852 spoilers for another series822 steven universe1324 steven universe: the movie32 text51279 white background87403


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