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Finally there’s proof: Bigfoot does exist!
suggestive (113248)artist:tklninja (21)princess celestia (83730)twilight sparkle (260865)alicorn (163999)anthro (200917)plantigrade anthro (22339)big feet (78)blushing (154040)breasts (204030)cleavage (27360)clothes (356174)dress (35079)feet (29581)female (761339)females only (9237)fetish (29673)foot fetish (5662)footsie (115)giantlestia (242)larger female (259)macro (9119)midriff (16257)pajamas (2498)short shirt (1090)simple background (291223)size comparison (578)size difference (10658)soles (2935)transparent background (152044)


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Amazing and very lovely work! I’ve always liked drawings that highlight Celestia’s massive size (especially anthro) in contrast with regular sized pones.

Her shapely long legs and the blushy expression of Twilight (she must feel soo overwhelmed by the sheer size of her teacher!) add even more to this. And the soft, very gentle and respectful contact between their soles as well~ Also, I usually don’t like painted nails that much, butt they do look cute on our coveted sun princess! I guess because I normally wouldn’t expect her to paint them. Finally, that type of sundress is one of my favorite outfits for her, so happy to see her in that too.

Praise the sun and her adorable purple student, who provides a point of reference for Princess Celestia’s glorious size.

Just rubbing or massaging one of them would be like manual labor. Very pleasant and blessed work, butt still actual effort would be required to knead these huge soles. Not that anyone fortunate enough to be tasked with that would complain tho.
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And to think one day, Twilight will grow to be that big as a full grown Alcorn.
Now we’re Luna size comparison😄
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