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Page 1117 – Check Please

So, luck being with us, very soon should be the grand finale of my current campaign, Tales of New Dunhaven. From there, it’ll probably be back to trying new systems I haven’t run before in the form of SpudShots, maybe even mini-campaigns.

But I’ve never asked: For those of you who’ve follow my tabletop podcasting content like Fallout is Dragons, what do you want to see? I’ve already mentioned the concept for FiD 2.0 / Playthrough 2 / FILE 02 back in Story Time 1000, but it’s been a while since I’ve gotten some feedback on the whole actual-play-podcasting side of things.

(distant conversations)
Discord GM: I’d just like to say… Your regular DM absolutely made the right call back there. If I’d been of a clearer mind, I would’ve done the same. Sure, I’m trying my hardest to entrap you all… But only to make your victories shine all the brighter! Are we alright to continue?
Fluttershy: I’m sorry too.
Discord GM: Ohoho, yes. That was quite the situation all around, wasn’t it?
Fluttershy: Mmhmm.
Discord GM: I’ll… consider the matter settled, then.
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