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safe1557677 artist:kikirdcz476 artist:meow54 artist:wissle229 artist:zouyugi174 edit114826 edited screencap54098 screencap195424 starlight glimmer43075 sunburst5687 trixie61285 twilight sparkle280093 alicorn191485 pony828807 unicorn258640 a horse shoe-in1073 animated91119 bisexual4824 female881863 kissing22179 lesbian91420 love triangle377 male299671 mare405458 parody15114 polyamory6040 scene parody848 shipper on deck1401 shipping181782 sound6493 stallion90618 starburst991 startrix2529 startrixburst55 straight120307 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113868 twilight the shipper63 webm9732 youtube link4526


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Can you please let me know what rule(s?) this is close to breaking? I have a lot of edits here and I am not sure what the problem with this is '
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We're allowing this because it is transformative, despite being (slightly) over 10 seconds with audio.

Starlight: bla bla bla…

Twilight: this one, eh… or this one, uh… wow! this one! just like everypony say: if you can't decide which one, why not both, right…?