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safe (1426659)artist:turonie (39)dj pon-3 (26666)vinyl scratch (30761)dragon (37492)gargoyle (139)adoracreepy (511)claws (3854)creepy (3456)cute (148089)cutie mark (33839)dragoness (5435)dragonified (1312)female (758159)floppy ears (41235)horn (25911)looking at you (120168)missing accessory (6688)one wing out (196)red eyes (4192)skinny (1742)solo (874530)species swap (15744)traditional art (96220)wings (52743)wrong eye color (812)


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2 comments posted
OctiLuna's avatar
No offense, really… but it looks like a scary demon from hell, rather than a dragon.
That being said, the creepiness is pretty damn awesome.
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