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Page 1164 — Cure For What Ails

Curing the ponies in-character kinda takes a backseat because what ended up solving the crisis was going out-of-character and talking things out.

At this point, I don't think I can claim that this was the plan the whole time. When I started, I knew they would get cured, yes, and not quite the same way as in the show, but… This sort of emerged organically as the comic script advanced. I'm fairly happy with it now that it's written.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, either way, we can't fight Discord without all the Bearers, so… let's get to it, pronto! Fluttershy, I cast the next memory spell on YOU!
Fluttershy: <siiiiiiiiiiiigh…> Hoh goodness… Forget what I said before. Being Fluttershy again is… so nice…
Twilight Sparkle: RARITY!
Rarity: …Let us never speak of this again.
Applejack: Woah-ho, hold up. Yer gonna hafta buy mah silence on this one.
Twilight Sparkle: And last but not least: PINKIE PIE!
safe1599285 artist:newbiespud1334 edit121478 edited screencap58568 screencap208683 applejack161186 fluttershy201271 pinkie pie205844 rarity172358 twilight sparkle285940 pony868375 unicorn278485 comic:friendship is dragons1493 the return of harmony1515 apple15053 comic102285 dialogue60141 eyes closed82665 flying35061 food63012 freckles25651 glow3983 harness1771 hat78255 laughing7310 looking back50867 looking up14388 screencap comic4283 sigh380 smiling220873 tack3940 unicorn twilight13990 wagon841


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