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Page 1166 – 28 Timelines Later

I’d ask for a Story Time about alternate dimensions or universes or timelines, but ironically all of those stories tend to turn out rather uniform. Ba-dum-tish

Discord GM: So, now that the curses are dealt with, would anypony like to go back into downtown Ponyville? I won’t be mad if you don’t. These buffalo ballerinas aren’t going to spontaneously summon themselves. …Oh wait, they are. Nevermind.
Rainbow Dash: Fine, let’s see what this "warp" is all about. In ten seconds flat!
DM: Woo, callbacks.
Discord GM: And so the Barbarian uses her superior flight speed to scout ahead. From outside the town, Ponyville looks like the "chaos capital of the world" Discord declared it to be… But the closer you get, it seems to melt and shift before you, until…
DM: It is night, and the town is upright and intact again. No chaos, no checkered hills, nothing.
Rainbow Dash: Uh… what?
Twilight Sparkle: Did she… get diverted into an ALTERNATE Ponyville?!
Rainbow Dash: So, just to be clear, I don’t see Discord.
DM: Neither him nor his throne.
Rainbow Dash: …Who DO I see?
DM: At a glance, no one. The town is silent… as the grave.
Applejack: Bail. Bail bail bail bail bail.
Rainbow Dash: I mean…
Cookie Zombie (DM): UuuuUUurrgh…
Rainbow Dash: No, see, that just makes me want to stay MORE.
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