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Page 1170 – MacGuffin Warranty

Story Time! Any stories about "player precedent" being used against them later down the road?

It’s been seven and a half years, so let me just say: Past Newbiespud, why in the world did you decide to make every 10th page extra long? Why did you do this to yourself?

In other news, I’ve made some changes to when this arc is going to end, so the deadline for guest comics has been extended to January 30th! That should give those of you with ambitious guest series a little more breathing room.

Applejack: So that’s what you’ve been buildin’ up to this whole session? Gotta admit… It’s a heck of a premise. Question is whether the crap we all went through was worth it.
Rarity: It’s… ambitious! As is usual for you.
Pinkie Pie: It’s my kind of crazy!
Twilight Sparkle: …There HAD to be a better way of getting to this point.
DM: Yeah, you’re telling me.
Twilight Sparkle: So, why didn’t the Elements work? They should cancel out disharmony and chaos, right?
DM: Well…
Twilight Sparkle: Let me guess. Our friendship has been… not broken, but… "shaken up" by the conflict we all went through, weakening the Elements’ power.
DM: Just barely enough to prevent you from reaching Discord and stopping him for good.
Discord GM: To be fair, he’s had over 1000 years to craft this insidious plan. You all performed very admirably.
(beat – glaring)
Discord GM: Well… Given the circumstances.
Twilight Sparkle: Then how do we restore the Elements’ power?
Rarity: Prove our friendship all over again?
DM: Twilight, roll Arcana.
Twilight Sparkle: <roll> Natural 20!
DM: Ah, perfect! Remember Nightmare Moon? You activated and bonded with the Elements of Harmony by pointing out the actions of your comrades. Fluttershy performed an Act of Kindness, Rainbow Dash performed an Act of Loyalty, and so on. In doing so, you solidified the friendship that you catalyzed, thus performing the Feat of Magic.
Twilight Sparkle: Wow. I mean… you kept all of that canon?
DM: Of course I did, are you kidding? Anyway, that’s what the Elements need now to fully revitalize. Six new True Acts.
Twilight Sparkle: Great. So… how do we make these "True Acts" happen?
DM: Well, going by the precedent you set… You can’t engineer them. They have to be spontaneous and identified after the fact.
Twilight Sparkle: Hoist with my own petard…
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