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safe (1430986)artist:bruisesandbuttercups (2)artist:selenaede (1121)oc (526023)oc:flight fixer (1)oc only (364597)oc:skye styles (1)bat pony (35909)cyborg (2631)pegasus (188555)pony (699594)icey-verse (386)amputee (3438)artificial wings (991)augmented (1664)base used (10590)bat pony oc (10142)clothes (356235)ear piercing (16917)earring (14376)female (761557)goggles (11732)jewelry (39220)magical lesbian spawn (8451)mare (336166)multicolored hair (3330)offspring (28804)open mouth (104441)parent:indigo zap (14)parent:night glider (79)parents:indiglider (9)parent:sky stinger (60)parents:vaporsky (50)parent:vapor trail (86)piercing (28447)prosthetic limb (2038)prosthetics (2374)prosthetic wing (572)raised hoof (32139)scar (8558)simple background (291275)socks (49199)striped socks (16644)tattoo (3784)white background (72297)wings (53268)


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