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Page 1171 — Illumination Station

Can you tell that I'm dying to bring in future-season characters and plotlines yet?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, I guess those are the rails forward, then. I know I have a certain tendency that we've talked about… repeatedly now… But I'd like to at least brainstorm some alternate solutions, just to get it out of my system. Is that okay?
DM: …Sure, why not?
Twilight Sparkle: What if, instead, we investigated the "moat of chaos" with Arcana? Tried to find a different way through it?
Discord GM: Hate to rain on your parade, but Discord will notice you hanging around at the edge of town, and he'll interfere.
DM: Not to mention it'd be time-consuming.
Applejack: Now hold up. Jus' because it's a bad plan for us doesn't mean there ain't a useful nugget of an idea in there.
Fluttershy: Maybe if we got some other magic experts to look into it?
DM: True, Twilight isn't the only magical researcher in the world. Not even the only one named after a type of light!
Discord GM: Ah, of course, let's subject some NPCs instead to Discord's eldritch designs and insidious games. Very responsible, very Good-aligned.
DM: You and I both know that the right kind of magical researcher would consider that an incentive.
Discord GM: You've got me there.
safe1599598 artist:newbiespud1334 edit121513 edited screencap58598 screencap208791 applejack161215 discord29182 fluttershy201292 starlight glimmer45079 sunburst6019 twilight sparkle285997 draconequus9485 earth pony210481 pegasus251804 pony868594 unicorn278592 comic:friendship is dragons1493 celestial advice1089 angry24655 black hole179 cloak3867 clothes419348 comic102291 dialogue60150 female1272275 flower23097 freckles25654 glowing hands259 glowing horn17243 goggles13262 hat78272 horn49455 log654 magic67358 male338222 mare432264 messy mane7231 open mouth127353 picnic blanket830 raised hoof40026 screencap comic4284 sitting56539 socks (coat marking)1775 stallion95809 surprised8324 telekinesis25122 unicorn twilight13998


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